Park Tool Press Fit Removal Tool BBT-90.3 for Internal Bottom Bracket Bearings

Designed to remove and install the bearings and bearing units used in BB86, BB90, BB92, Shimano Press Fit, SRAM Press Fit GXP, Race Face Press Fit and other press fit bottom bracket systems using the nominal 24mm spindle. The BBT-90.3 tool set includes a bearing removal tool, which slides through and expands behind the bearing (like a head cup remover) so it can be tapped out with a hammer.

The BBT-90.3 also includes two installation bushings #669. Use the bushing in conjunction with an HHP-2 or HHP-3 Bearing Cup Press to press the bearings into the frame.

  • Designed to fit BB86 BB90 BB92 Shimano Press Fit SRAM Press Fit GXP Race Face Press Fit and other 24mm spindle bottom brackets


Bearing removal tool

  • Press to install bearings into frame

Installation bushings #669

  • Easily remove bearings with the tap of a hammer
  • Similar to the RT-1 Head Cup Remover, bushings can be used with an HHP-2 or HHP-3 Bearing Cup.