Vredestein Fortezza Senso SuperLite Road Tire Review


With top end, race day performance in mind, Vredestein delivers their Fortezza Senso All Weather SuperLite Road Tire.

Just as with previous versions of their top of the line tires, Vredestein makes these with their proven TriComp rubber compound, which uses three different densities of rubber to maximize grip and minimize rolling resistance. The All Weather SuperLite also takes advantage of Vredestein's experience with automotive tires by borrowing their AWS rubber technology for increased wet weather traction. For improved durability and ride quality, this race tire also incorporates the Curve Control System®.

Senso Superlite Road Tire

What distinguishes this tire from its siblings in the Senso All Weather line though is the 220 TPI casing used. The result is an ultralight tire that affords great suppleness and comfort for all race day conditions. Despite its racing pedigree, the SuperLite also provides protection from punctures thanks to a polyamide layer embedded in its highly flexible casing.

23 mm Width

23 mm Tire Width

The Fortezza Senso All Weather SuperLite is available in 700c x 23mm (23-622 ISO) and various colors. 195 gram claimed weight. The recommended inflation pressure printed on the sidewall is 115-175 PSI, but for most applications we would not recommend running this tire at any pressure over 120 PSI.