Vredestein Fortezza Senso All Weather Road Tire Review


Many said it couldn't be done, but Vredestein has actually managed to improve on their flagship Fotezza Tricomp. The impressive new Fortezza Senso All Weather model draws on many proven features, and incorporates some brand-spanking-new technology, delivering an unreal blend of speed, traction and durability— plus even better wet weather performance.

Senso All Weather Tire

Like its predecessor, the Senso features the popular TriComp tread, a design which places a longer wearing compound in the center, and a slightly softer compound in the shoulders. The result is a race tire that balances low rolling resistance with predictable handling in tight corners. But in this updated model, Vredestein has introduced what they call AWS, a new rubber technology lifted straight from their automotive line. By adding this feature to both rubber compounds, they've been able to dramatically improve wet weather grip without a negative effect on speed in dry conditions, making the Senso a go-to choice for any riding season.

As with all their top tires, Vredestein's Curve Control System® furthers cornering performance while boosting wear resistance, and the Sportex Protection Layer® keeps out sharp objects without adding too much weight.

23 mm Road Tire

The Fortezza Senso is available in 700c x 23mm or 25mm sizes (23-622 or 25-622 ISO) and various colors. This version features a 120 TPI casing, and a 'Superlite' 210 TPI version is available separately. Actual weight: 225 grams (700c x 23mm). The recommended inflation pressure printed on the sidewall is 115-175 PSI, but for most applications we would not recommend running this tire at any pressure over 120 PSI.