Review of Shimano XT BR-M785 Disc Brakes

Shimano's focus with this disc brake was to remove heat from the system, therefore allowing better braking power over sustained, intensive braking. They've done it three ways: it has ceramic pistons in the caliper body now, the brake pads have aluminum cooling fins on them, and the technology of the disc rotors which are sold separately. The new lever has a shorter, one finger lever blade. It even has a free stroke adjustment which allows you to fine tune when the brake pads hit the rotor. The latest Shimano XT BR-M785 Disc Brake is lighter and more compact than ever -- and has more braking power. Short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism delivers quick pad engagement and plenty of power for controlling aggressive speed. Combine with an appropriately sized Ice-Tech rotor for optimum braking performance to match your riding style. Post mount only, IS adapters not included.