Overview of Wearable Hiplok DC Bike Lock

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Hiplok DC

Introducing the Hiplok DC. This is Hiplok’s first combined cable and D lock set. Get the best of both worlds and secure all of your bike when it comes to locking it up outside the station or supermarket. Already with the convenience of the comfortable transportation options the D lock and the cable lock work hand in hand providing you with great protection. The lock can be carried by attaching it to your belt, bag strap or even a pocket, meaning you always have easy and quick access to your lock. The D lock is constructed from Hardened Steel, from the shackle to the Steel body casing. The cable that is supplied with the D lock is a simple cable with looped ends and coated in a flexible nylon for a non marking finish.

Clips to Pants

The cable is ideal for making sure all of your components are safe and sound, weaving it through spokes, chain sets your frame and anything else that needs to be protected. Overall this is a secure partnership that will keep your bike safe from those pesky thieves.