More Protection, Less Weight: POC Octal Helmet Review


The POC Octal Road Helmet not only offers more protection than most high-end road helmets, it weighs less. With extra coverage, especially at the temples and the back of the head, the Octal will reduce your chances of injury in the unfortunate event of a crash. And should the worst happen, the helmet includes a scannable ICE tag that will allow medical personnel or passers-by to find your identity, medical information, and emergency contacts.

POC Octal Helmet

The Octal's EPS liner is strategically designed for extra thickness in the most exposed areas, and it's entirely covered by the outer PC shell. The unique, fully-wrapping unibody shell construction functions as a monocoque, enhancing the helmet's protection qualities as well as its integrity of construction while keeping it impressively lightweight. In addition, POC has done something new with the Octal's ventilation system—instead of many small vents, the Octal features larger vents, resulting in more open surface area at the front, which, in combination with a specially-designed interior, allows more air flow through the helmet than comparable helmets.

Many Vents Make the Helmet Weigh Less

The Octal's ultralight size adjustment system ensures a comfortable and secure fit without excess contact with your head. Internal Coolbest padding regulates temperature to help you keep a cool head in hot weather. Reflective patches enhance visibility. A built-in eyewear garage keeps your sunglasses secure and easily accessible when you're not wearing them.