Maxxis Minion DHR II Tire


Few tires have the winning history of the Maxxis Minion. The Minion DHR II tire can now be added to that list as it carried Greg Minnaar to his 2012 World Championship title mounted front and rear on his Santa Cruz V10.

Maxxis Minion DHR II

The Minion DHR II is the tire of choice when pedaling efficiency is crucial but traction and confidence cannot be sacrificed. Maxxis' tried and true DHF side knobs are combined with a ramped paddle-like tread down the tire's center, resulting in a tread that rolls well and brakes efficiently, while lasting longer and hooking up like a slot car in the corners.

Ramped Paddle Tread

The Minion DHR II is designed to be the perfect compliment to the Minion DHF or High Roller II DH tires and is designed as a rear specific tire. Maxxis took the perfected DHF side knobs and added them to the DHR II, then created a ramped paddle tread of sorts down the center that is designed to roll fast and brake well while lasting a long time. It uses Maxxis's DH casing which is a dual ply casing, meaning the standard 3 plys are wrapped twice around the tire instead of once. This not only makes the tire much stiffer for better cornering and pinch flat protection, it reduces the risk of punctures from rocks and thorns. Lastly, a wire bead is utilized to prevent the tire from rolling off the rim, and a true 2.4 width makes the tire plenty large to tackle any downhill you can throw at it.