Light & Motion Vis180 Light Overview


Staggeringly, blindingly bright, the Vis 180 from Light and Motion could be the best and last rear commuter light you will ever buy. Seriously, this thing is bright-it's like looking into the sun. Satellites will see you just as well as motorists will on your commute. Our friends at Light and Motion continue to put a lot of time into the evolution of their commute-specific lights, and it shows.

Vis 180 Light

There are many impressive features on the Vis 180, starting with how devastatingly bright it is. Most lights that claim 180-degree visibility simply add a couple of "windows" on either side of the lens body so that some photons can sneak out the sides. Light and Motion didn't take the easy route with the Vis 180. There is a dedicated bulb and a custom reflector that make the Vis 180's side lights brighter than many other rear lights main light source.

Vis 180 Mounting System

Mounting options are almost unlimited with the Vis 180. About the only place it's not easy to mount the Vis 180 is on your helmet, and the Vis 360 has that covered. An innovative mounting bracket and adjustable integrated clip on the Vis 180's body let you attach it to your seatpost, seatstay, or backpack/messenger bag, and adjust it to the proper angle for maximum visibility.