"Future Vintage Saddle": Fizik Volta


Fizik 2014 Volta Saddle:

This is Fizik's first u-shaped saddle. The Vota was inspired by the old classic styles, such as the rolls, the strata, the concord, the flight, and the turbo.

Fizik Volta Saddle is U-shaped and Inspired by Vintage Saddles

To make this saddle, Fizik did as scan of all of these shapes, worked closely on a few lines, and came up with the Volta.

Fizik likes to call it a future vintage saddle. It was inspired by old vintage saddles, but has been given some modern, 21st century technology. The base and the rails are full carbon fiber.

Fizik Volta has Carbon Base and Rails

The rails are attached by 5 rivets which you can remove, so the rail is replaceable. A window is cut in the center of the carbon fiber base, and injected is a rubber piece so you get more flexibility in the saddle.