FSA's Top of the Line K-Force Light Crankset


FSA Cranksets are sought by both professional and amateur riders because of their light weight, high stiffness, and great power transfer.

FSA K-Force Light Carbon Crankset

Thanks to over two years of research and design from FSA engineers and designers, FSA has revolutionized the next generation of top-of-the-line K Force Cranksets. Goals were to increase stiffness, optimize shifting precision, and decrease weight. The solution was a total change in the design of the product in order to reach lighter weight, the highest stiffness, and optimal loading distribution during the pedal stroke. A novel 5-arm asymmetric spider, with one arm hidden behind the crank arm, in addition to the best technology, super lightweight, maximum stiffness, and winning graphics make the new K-Force Light Crankset a perfect product: a highly technological and very attractive crankset.

Hidden bolts and a mass spindle result in clean, elegant, and continuous surfaces

A unique design was created with modern and alluring lines that draw upon the jewel like luster of the UD carbon, while, at the same time, respecting the aerodynamics and the lightness of the engineered product. Hidden bolts and a mass spindle result in clean, elegant, and continuous surfaces. After many tests and experiments, engineers established that the configuration with an asymmetrical 5-arm spider, with one arm hidden, was a perfect solution to the distribution of the crankset. This technology is referred to as ABS or asymmetric bolt spacing. Symmetric bolt spacing has been proven to provide poorer stress distributions in comparison.

ASB or Asymmetrical Bolt Spacing, with one arm hidden behind the crank arm, makes for better stress distribution

This configuration with ABS allows an increase in the stiffness of the crankset, giving big benefits to the riding and shifting. In addition, newly designed ABS chainrings have optimized teeth profiles and shift rams, which result faster, smoother, and more precise shifting.