Catlike Mixino Helmet Review


 Catlike Mixino Helmet

Catlike Mixino Helmet

The Catlike Mixino is the newest helmet from the famed Spanish helmet maker. Catlike have supplied helmets to some of the most successful pro teams over the years, including CSC, Cervelo, Euskaltel, and Movistar, so they've learned a fair number of things about what it takes to make a lid that can win the Tour de France and the Giro. The Mixino is the culmination of all that learning, and is packed with features, and new technologies and materials that will take your ride to the next level.

Mixino Helmet Interior

The Mixino not only fits like a dream, but it does more to protect your head than just about anything out there. That's because the Mixino is the first helmet to incorporate graphene sheets into its construction. Graphene is a revolutionary carbon compound that's set to revolutionize the bike world, and it makes the Mixino stronger, lighter, and more resistant to impact thatn other helmets. Combined with their Safety CES honey-comb foam core that dissipates impact energy, and an Aramid roll cage that helps the helmet maintain its shape in a crash, and the Mixino delivers more safety features with fewer grams attached than just about any other lid. The MPS Evo fitting system ensures you get a perfect fit every time, and the Dual Flow vent system perfectly matches up air-intake and exhaust vents in the front and back to efficiently channel air across your head. Finally, an Outlast lining on the inside of the helmet helps to regulate the temperature inside, keeping your head cool so you can ride your best.