Bar Mitts Handlebar Warmers Overview

A built-in hand warmer that goes on a bicycle?!?!

Bar Mitts Overview:

To get people to ride in the winter, we are always looking for some products that make it easier to ride. Bike Mitts has gotten everyone excited.

Bar Mitts Cover Shifters and Brakes to Keep Hands Warm at All Times

Bar mitts can be used without gloves or you can keep your gloves on. Either way, you stick your hands into the bar mitts on your bike and they will be protected from the wind while you are riding.

Bar MItts Attach with Velcro and Zippers

The Bar Mitts are fully removable, using velcro and zippers to connect it and keep it on to the handlebars of your bike. They will work with any bike, and even come in different version for drop bars.