How to Install a Bottom Bracket

I like being thorough and bike mechanics requires a lot of attention to detail. If you don’t get it right the first time, your ride suffers. And the level of competence, time and patience can result in either a good ride or an accident.

This tutorial is about how to install a bottom bracket, which is the point on the frame around which your pedals revolve. 

There are different types of bottom brackets.

You’ve got the cup-and-cone.

Cup-and-Cone Bottom Bracket

How to Bleed Hayes Hydraulic Brakes


First things first: the Hayes system uses DOT 3 or DOT 4 mechanical brake fluid. DO NOT USE MINERAL OIL FOR THESE BRAKES!!!!!!!

Second, the bleed starts from the caliper up to the brake lever.

Third, wear gloves.

You can get a bleed kit for this system so to prep your bike, you’re going to want to remove the caliper from the frame, remove the pads from the caliper and with the end of a 10mm box end wrench, push the pistons back into the caliper. Don’t push too far as you may break the post in the center of the piston.

This Fucking Guy. Washington state Rep Ed Orcutt Believes Bikes Release More CO2 than Cars

Up in Washington state there lives a man, by the name of Ed Orcutt.  By some miraculous chain of events he holds public office, and yet he believes a bicyclist burns just as much CO2 as someone I'm an Assholedriving a car.  This story brings together everything that is wrong with transportation policy in America.  The story was first broke by the Seattle bike blog.  Ed made the clam in an email exchange with a local bike shop owner, who opposed a new bike tax in Washington's transportation budget.

Top 10 Bike Light Projects on Kickstarter


Kickstarter Bike Light Project FundingWhen you’re shopping for accessories, it’s good to keep your options open. Kickstarter’s motto is “Fund & Follow Creativity” and the projects on their site speak for themselves, among which are that necessary staple of every biker, the bike light. What you learn when you go through all these videos, however, are two things:

    Carbon Belt Drive Bikes: What Are They, Who Makes Them and My Top 6 List


    As bikers, we all want to be spoiled for choice. The Triathlete wouldn’t dare ride their carbon fiber cheese slicer to the corner shop nor would the Downhiller even dream of busting out the double-suspension 29er for a coffee run.

    Solution? Why not give a carbon belt drive bike a spin for your commuter money?

    Specialized Roll 8 Rare with a Carbon Belt Drive

    How To Adjust a Rear Derailleur for Your Road or Mountain Bike

    screw driver

    How To Adjust a Rear Derailleur on Your Mountain or Road Bike

    While today's indexed shifting can make shifting nearly effortless, when problems arise it can be annoying or even dangerous. A sticky, grinding or a jumping chain means it is time to inspect and adjust your rear derailleur. This job is best done after chain has been cleaned and lubricated.

    Adjusting a rear derailleur is a relatively easy step by step process that only requires a standard screwdriver.

    Rear derailleurs guide the chain from gear to gear. Rear derailleur adjustment is dependent on just three things:

    1. Derailleur alignment –this is the derailleur's alignment relative to the frame and drive train. The rear should hang parallel to the plane of the bike. This can be noted from behind the bike.

    20th Anniversary of Critical Mass, The Propaganda

    critical mass

    I've participated in a few Critical Masses in my day. I did my first one in Madison, WI back in the booze infused glory days of college. It was a pretty small affair with a dense concentration of hippies. After moving to San Francisco I got to experience the event in its purest and orignal form. And on September 28th of 2012 the event will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, complete with a week of events and awesome promotional material like the attached poster, designed by local illustrator and muralist, Mona Caron.


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