Review of Mavic Ksyrium SLS Road Bike Wheelset


The Mavic Ksyrium SL S Clincher Wheel System is Mavic's popular and road-tested Ksyrium SL wheel, updated and improved, with Mavic's unique integrated tire and rim technology. By matching a specific tire with each wheel, the company is able to better control the way that stresses from the tire affect the rim and wheel and thus how the wheel performs overall. And, bonus, your wheelset will look extra awesome with matching wheel and tire graphics. Of course, you can also use any other road clincher tire with these wheels, if you prefer. Let's take a look from the outside-in:

Great Road Bike Tire- Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Review


With the Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II, the last compromise really has been eliminated—Conti's magic Black Chili performance tires are now available with bold, bright sidewall color options, so those looking for a little coordination no longer have to choose between the best performing tire and a sweet-looking ride.

Mounting of CeramicSpeed with BB30 Bottom Brackets and Tool

CeramicSpeed bearings are hand made in Denmark from the finest quality components and special CeramicSpeed balls. Each part is designed to have the lowest friction possible and the longest lifetime.

Mounting a CeramicSpeed BB30 bottom bracket:

The tools needed are a 10 mm hex key, CeramicSpeed grease, bb30 bearing press, hammer, cloth, knife, and bb30 tool.

Brief Overview of Shimano XTR, XT, and SLX Brakes

Shimano Brakes are some of the most consistent mountain bike brakes on the market. Possibly the most popular brakes you will find, these can be found on most stock bikes that you purchase at the bike shop. Shimano has 3 sets of brakes that are extremely durable, consistent and valued for the money. They are the SLX, XT and XTR brakes. The XTR brakes are the high end, race oriented set while the SLX are the budget friendly and nearly bomb proof version.

Review of Diamondback Century Road Bike with Disc Brakes

Whole Bike

About The Bike: The Century Sport Disc is an aluminum bike with a full carbon fork. This bike is designed with the high-mileage enthusiast in mind, and it shows it with a nice and relaxed geometry that feels easy on the back and neck without feeling like you’re riding an upright beach cruiser. It’s outfitted with a mix of Shimano parts—sporting 105 shifters and front derailleur and an Ultegra 10-speed rear derailleur, and TRP’s Hy/Rd mechanically actuated hydraulic disc brakes.

Brooks B17 Leather Bike Saddle Review


[editor's note: The Brooks B17 Saddle is truly worth it. I used this saddle on a cross country trip in the US from Vermont to Washington State, and have insisted it be on every bike I ride since. The saddle isn't so uncomfortable that riding it during the break-in period is unbearable. And, once it finally is broken in, it will be one of the most comfortable seats you own (couches and chairs included)]

Review of Shimano XT BR-M785 Disc Brakes

Shimano's focus with this disc brake was to remove heat from the system, therefore allowing better braking power over sustained, intensive braking. They've done it three ways: it has ceramic pistons in the caliper body now, the brake pads have aluminum cooling fins on them, and the technology of the disc rotors which are sold separately. The new lever has a shorter, one finger lever blade. It even has a free stroke adjustment which allows you to fine tune when the brake pads hit the rotor.

Review of Fizik Arione CX Kium Bike Saddle


Lighter, slimmer and more elegant than ever, the Fi'zi:k Arione CX K:ium Saddle features a new lightweight foam, yielding a 20g weight reduction from the standard Arione. Wing Flex shell flexes where the inner thigh contacts the saddle to enhance pedaling efficiency. Breathable Microtex cover puts you in an ideal cycling position while the Thigh Glides guide you into a pedaling form that's easier and more comfortable. K:ium rails are lighter, stronger and provide better vibration damping than titanium. Available now at Performance Bicycle.


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