How to Set Up a Fox Rear Shock on a Bike


Today we're going to walk through the basic steps to get you set up with the Fox RP 23 rear shock. The following few steps are essential so that you can get the best performance from the rear suspension on your new bike. 

The first step is to set up your rear suspension with the correct amount of sag. You'll need to measure the length of the shaft so that you'll know the total stroke length of the shock. Make sure that the pro pedal lever is in the open position, away from the air valve. 

DIY Remove Bike Braze Ons and Bosses from Bike Frame


This is a video on how to remove various bosses and mounts on a road bike frame. This is an old road bike from the 70s, and I thought I’d make a video on how to easily remove this stuff if you are converting your bike to a fixed gear and don’t want any brakes or derailleur mounts, just want to make your bike as clean as possible. It helps the look of the bike when you’re all finished, and it can be done fairly simply with only a couple tools. You can always use more industrial tools for the project, but a couple of common tools will do the trick.

How to Remove Decals from a Surly Bike


Here is an example of how to get Surly graphics off of the frames. 

Surly uses traditional wet decals but doesn’t clear coat over them, so this method works perfectly. It should also work with any bikes that use similar decals. 

For this project, you just need some gorilla tape. If you don’t have gorilla tape, traditional duct tape should also work, however Gorilla tape is stickier.  

How to Replace Internally Routed Cables on a Bike

old spoke

Do you have any tips on how to replace internally routed cables? I always dread changing mine.

Nearly every mechanic has cursed the widespread adoption of internally routed cables for the extra time and hassle that it creates every time that you want to replace a cable, but there are ways to reduce this hassle to a minimum.

How to Mount a GoPro Camera on Your Bicycle Frame

The GoPro cameras that typically mount on a person's head and capture their every moment throughout the day are all the rage lately. People tape themselves from their own point of view doing everything from the mundane like filing their taxes to the exotic like...well we won't go there. A great opportunity well beyond the scope of a POV video of a person doing their laundry is to mount the camera on your bicycle. What better way to rewind and see exactly why you wiped out than reliving from a bird's eye view over again.

Replacing Bike Brake Cables How To

Most bicyclers are quite familiar with changing their brake pads as they're one of the first things that start to go after excessive riding. Over the course of a life though, having to swap out the brake cables can be either hit or miss. The inside of the cables can attract dirt and residue or the cables can get clipped and need replacing. Either way the project is one that can be undertaken in relatively little time and one which also helps get the user more familiar with the workings of their cycle.

How to Remove Bike Handlebar Grips

How to Remove Bike Handlebar Grips.

Remove your handlebar grips in just a few minutes with these tips. You will need flathead screwdriver, spray lubricant, rubbing alcohol, and an air compressor. A utility knife is optional.

Step 1. Remove the handlebar plugs first. Then loosen the brake and shift levers and slide them toward the middle of the bar. If you are not going to reuse the grip, cut it off with a utility knife.

DIY Set Derailleur Limits

screw driver

It's good to push things to the limit when you're rock climbing or running a 5K but the derailleur on your bike should stay well within it's set range. The upper and lower limits of your derailleur dictate the minimum and maximum of your gears and make sure the chain doesn't fall off your cartridge. There comes a time either after a bicycle overhaul, after a tough spill, or after just months and months of riding that the limits will need to be reset. Climb the rock of setting derailleur limits with these steps.

Fix Hybrid / Mountain Bike V-Brakes That Are Rubbing

screw driver

It seems like an obvious statement but rubbing on a bike is never good, unless of course you're in a race and rubbing the contestant next to you to get an edge. For the most part the only rub encountered is the chafing on our own undercarriage and quite frequently the brake pads. When brake pads rub on the fork of the bike it not only makes an annoying sound and wears down one pad faster, it creates a jerking motion that can make the bike much harder to navigate. The sooner we fix this mountain bike v-brake rub, the more enjoyable the ride becomes.

How to Fix a Bent Rear Derailleur

hex wrench

Peter wants to know: my bike fell over on the drive side and bent my derailleur hanger. Do you have any tips on how to straighten it back out?

Having a spare derailleur hanger on hand is always a good idea and it's something that I make a point to purchase with every new bike. With that said, even with a new hanger, they're rarely in perfect alignment.


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