Getting Ready to Buy Your First Bike

Whole Bike

You’ve determined you want a bike but how do you buy one?

There a few things to do to make the process as smooth as possible. Start by asking yourself a few questions to help determine what kind of bike is right for you?

1- What’s your experience level? Are you new to the sport or a seasoned rider?

2- How will you use the bike? for fun? fitness? go out on the weekends and be competitive?

3- How much do you want to spend? There’s a wide range of prices for good reasons.

Common Bottom Bracket Standards

Pros and Cons of Different Bottom Bracket Standards:

Let’s look at the challenges that the english bottom bracket faced, since it is this design most new bottom brackets hope to improve upon. It was not uncommon to have to chase threads of an english bottom bracket shell and then face the shell to remove any excess paint, to ensure that the faces were square.


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