How to Adjust a Shimano Nexus Internal 3 Speed Hub

Today, we’re going to work on internal multi speed hubs. This is the Shimano shifter. It is the Nexus model, which is written on the body. Another way to tell that this is Shimano is that the cable chord goes straight into the adjustment knob, which goes straight into the body of the shifter.

Now, the first thing you want to do is go up to the shifter on the handlebar and put it into second gear, the middle gear. You need two tools: an open end 10 mm wrench and you may also need a pair of pliers.

How to Remove Rust from Your Bike

Today, I’ll be showing you my method to get rid of rust.

I’m going to be using this as an example It is a 24 inch wheel from an old vintage bike. If you just look, you can see the rust. It’s not too bad, but it should be clean. For this you will need some steel wire wool (you can also use aluminum foil with a touch of water) and some car polish.

How to Pack Your Bicycle in a Bike Box for Travel

The Bike Tube Hint: Don’t rush off and buy a professional bike box or bike bag. First head over to your local bike shop and ask if they have any leftover boxes from when bikes were shipped to their store. These work just as well, and they’re free!


In this video, I’m going to show you how to pack a bike into a bike box.

There are some essential tools you’ll need for this job: a pump, some allen keys, a pedal spanner, padding, dropout protectors, and tape.

DIY How to Tighten Loose Water Bottle Bosses/Rive-nuts


“I have an old CAAD 6 road frame and the lower water bottle boss on the down tube has come loose. Do you have any tips to fix it?”

Water bottle bosses are also known as rive-nuts, and they are a combination of a rivet and a nut. They tend to come loose when water bottles contact the head of the water bottle cage bolt when returning the bottle to the cage. This problem can be partially prevented by using button head water bottle bolts that sit lower in the cage to avoid impacts.

DIY How to Spray Paint Your Bicycle Wheel Rims

Today, I’m going to show you how to paint your rims. You’ll need a roll of masking tape, a 15mm socket set, and a plastic tire lever.

Step 1, take the 15mm socket set and take off your wheels. Now move the rest of your bike into a safe location so no spray paint will get on your bike.

Step 2, undo your bicycle valve and release the air from your tire tube until it is completely deflated. Do this for the other wheel as well.

Step 3, use your tire lever to take your tire off.

DIY Mount a Bottle Cage on a Frame with No Mounting Screws or Braze-Ons


I’m going to show you how to mount a bottle cage on a bike that doesn’t have mounts or doesn’t have mounts where you want to put the bottle cage. You want to get a bottle cage that has little tabs up at the top and on the bottom of the back side because we’re going to use those to mount the cage. Get a bottle about the size that you want to use and figure out about where you want it to be placed. 

How to Set Up a Fox Rear Shock on a Bike

Today we're going to walk through the basic steps to get you set up with the Fox RP 23 rear shock. The following few steps are essential so that you can get the best performance from the rear suspension on your new bike. 

The first step is to set up your rear suspension with the correct amount of sag. You'll need to measure the length of the shaft so that you'll know the total stroke length of the shock. Make sure that the pro pedal lever is in the open position, away from the air valve. 

DIY Remove Bike Braze Ons and Bosses from Bike Frame


This is a video on how to remove various bosses and mounts on a road bike frame. This is an old road bike from the 70s, and I thought I’d make a video on how to easily remove this stuff if you are converting your bike to a fixed gear and don’t want any brakes or derailleur mounts, just want to make your bike as clean as possible. It helps the look of the bike when you’re all finished, and it can be done fairly simply with only a couple tools. You can always use more industrial tools for the project, but a couple of common tools will do the trick.

How to Remove Decals from a Surly Bike


Here is an example of how to get Surly graphics off of the frames. 

Surly uses traditional wet decals but doesn’t clear coat over them, so this method works perfectly. It should also work with any bikes that use similar decals. 

For this project, you just need some gorilla tape. If you don’t have gorilla tape, traditional duct tape should also work, however Gorilla tape is stickier.  

How to Replace Internally Routed Cables on a Bike

Do you have any tips on how to replace internally routed cables? I always dread changing mine.

Nearly every mechanic has cursed the widespread adoption of internally routed cables for the extra time and hassle that it creates every time that you want to replace a cable, but there are ways to reduce this hassle to a minimum.


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