Use an M-check to Make Sure Bike is Working Before A Ride

Whole Bike

Prior to going on a bike ride, you want to check your bike over to make sure it’s safe for the ride.

We use the M-check. It starts at the derailleur, up to the saddle, down to the bottom bracket, up to the handlebars, and down to the front wheel. During the M-check, it is always good to check your frame for any wear or damage.

How to Bleed Hope Brakes

How To Bleed A Hope Brake:

Before we start anything on the bleeding procedure, we need to make sure the mast cylinder is level, so now fluid will be lost from the master cylinder when removing the lid. Then, take out the T10 torx screws on the lid. Carefully remove the lid. Wipe away the excess oil and dirt.

Next, remove the rubber cap from the blade nipple to fit the spanner and bleed hose. Always rap a little tissue around this for extra protection.

Fill the master cylinder up with oil. Make sure not to overfill it. Then, we can start the bleeding procedure.

More Protection, Less Weight: POC Octal Helmet Review

The POC Octal Road Helmet not only offers more protection than most high-end road helmets, it weighs less. With extra coverage, especially at the temples and the back of the head, the Octal will reduce your chances of injury in the unfortunate event of a crash. And should the worst happen, the helmet includes a scannable ICE tag that will allow medical personnel or passers-by to find your identity, medical information, and emergency contacts.

Aerodynamic Test: Disc Brakes vs. Rim Brakes

Many people have experienced how great disc brakes are, while others still have a lot of questions about them. A big question is how aero disc brakes are.

This video will test one disc brake and one rim brake to see what the difference actually is. The frames of the bikes tested will be the same, with the only major differences being the brakes, the hoods, and the rims.

Top 5 Inexpensive Mountain Bike Christmas Gifts

Top 5 Mountain Bike Christmas Gifts:

1- GoPro Hero- the GoPro has become eponymous in the world of wearable camera technology. As of 2014, you can now buy a GoPro without breaking the bank. Whatever you choose to do with it, the basic GoPro is available now with everything you need for sharing whatever it is you want.


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