Fix Hybrid / Mountain Bike V-Brakes That Are Rubbing

screw driver

It seems like an obvious statement but rubbing on a bike is never good, unless of course you're in a race and rubbing the contestant next to you to get an edge. For the most part the only rub encountered is the chafing on our own undercarriage and quite frequently the brake pads. When brake pads rub on the fork of the bike it not only makes an annoying sound and wears down one pad faster, it creates a jerking motion that can make the bike much harder to navigate. The sooner we fix this mountain bike v-brake rub, the more enjoyable the ride becomes.

How to Fix a Bent Rear Derailleur

hex wrench

Peter wants to know: my bike fell over on the drive side and bent my derailleur hanger. Do you have any tips on how to straighten it back out?

Having a spare derailleur hanger on hand is always a good idea and it's something that I make a point to purchase with every new bike. With that said, even with a new hanger, they're rarely in perfect alignment.

DIY Remove a Fixed Gear Cog at Home without Special Tools


Today, I'll be showing you guys how to remove your fixed gear cog, but I will show you how to remove it without any special tools. Only tools you'll need is a screwdriver or some sort of pointy pic and a hammer. So we have a lockring, which is the silver thing and an actual cog, which has the teeth. So what you're going to want to do is remove the locking first. For the lockring you would need a special tool, about 20 bucks, and for this the cog you need a chain whip, about 15-20 bucks, so in total I'm saving you about 30 bucks.

Wash Your Bike at Home Like a Pro

Whole Bike

It's probably the most iconic sequence in cycling cinematography, the opening scene from the 1977 documentary "A Sunday in Hell" about Paris-Roubaix. It shows a mechanic washing a team bike, and that's a scene that you're going to see repeated dozens of times over at any team hotel after a professional bike race, today thirty-five years later, for several important reasons.

DIY How to True a Wheel on Bike with No Truing Stand

spoke wrench

Today, we’re going to show you how to true a wheel right off your bicycle. This isn’t what is normally done at the shop, but if you’re at home or out on the trail you can touch up your wheel and get it rideable again by using your brakes as a wheel truing stand. I’m going to take small turns on each spoke to find out where it’s rubbing. When you find the area, tighten the drive side a little bit and loosen the non-drive side.

Install Campagnolo Over Torque (BB30) Bottom Bracket and Cranks

In this video, we're going to show you how to fit a Campagnolo over torque bottom bracket and change set. The over torque bottom bracket is a standard BB 30 press fit. To do this job, you'll need a bearing press with Campagnolo over torque adapters, Campagnolo over torque bottom bracket tool, a number of allen keys, and an adjustable or 24 millimeter spanner. You'll also need some grease for general assembly.


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