How to String Brake Cables

Stringing brake cables is pretty straightforward.

You’ll need:

  1. Allen wrench
  2. Cable cutters
  3. Brake housing
  4. Brake cable
  5. Ferrule
  6. Cable grease

Measure off your housing. Make sure there is enough slack to allow for cable and brake movement. Start the insertion of the cable from the levers and work your way back. Make sure you’ve got the correct end fitting for your type of brakes. If the cables are universal, you’ll have both fittings, one on either end. Once you’ve figured out which you need, clip off the one you don’t need.

Brake Cable

You can use a little cable grease so that the cable threads easier. Apply the correct length of housing as you go, putting on your ferrules. Don’t forget to leave a bit of give in the sections where there is a bit of a bend, to allow for movement of the handlebars or the calipers.

How to String or Replace Derailleur Cables

After a while, your cables will need a little work. If you live by the ocean, have wet weather or ride through mud, you’re going to have humidity issues and possible rusting going on. And in order for your gears to work, your derailleur cables need to be in tip-top shape.

Here’s how you can string them.

First things first: derailleur cables and brake cables are NOT interchangeable so please make sure you get the proper cable.

How to Adjust Your Road Bike Front Derailleur

You know how sometimes your gears don’t change with firm frankness? When they don’t snap into action like German watch works or have the precision of the pistons in an F1? Or even when they react like the voice automated system that understands “Constitution Hall” as “Congressional Balls”?

If this is the case, you may need to check your derailleurs.

As with anything, this complex procedure gets easier to figure out with time and practice.

So let’s go through the steps.

How to Overhaul Your Wheel Hub's Bearings


Watching these YouTube videos, I am pleasantly surprised when someone can make a bike tutorial funny. Why I was pissing myself laughing at this particular video had to do probably with the deadpan tone of the narrator’s voice, in a Canadian accent, making little puns. It was pretty endearing.

How to Overhaul Your Bottom Bracket

One of the ways you can keep your bike riding smoothly is by giving it a good cleaning, both inside and out. Overhauling a bottom bracket will most likely not be in your weekly cleaning regimen and depending on how you ride, you might not even have to really look at it too much. But it is a good thing to know how to do when the time comes.

For this task, you will need several things:


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