Mavic Ksyrium 125 Clincher Wheel System


Celebrate 125 years of Mavic excellence with the Ksyrium 125 Clincher Wheel System.

To commemorate their 125 anniversary, Mavic decided to build the Ksyrium 125 and it reads like a catalog of Mavic's top technologies.

The all aluminum rear hub body boasts the Force Transfer System - Light for optimal efficiency and durability at an incredibly low weight, and the QRM+ cartridge bearings are highly efficient and roll buttery smooth. For additional weight savings the front hub gets a carbon fiber body with aluminum flanges.

Sizing and Installing a Mountain Bike Chain with Master Link

chain tool

A mountain bike chain is the most important component of the drive train. It takes the bulk of the stress and should be changed regularly. As it’s used, it stretches. A chain wear indicator can show when a chain is stretched enough to be in need of replacement. However, it can be a good idea to replace the chain before it gets to this point.

Install a Bashguard to Increase Ground Clearance

A bashguard is a plastic or aluminum ring that replaces the largest chainring. Its purpose is to increase ground clearance and help the bike slide over logs and rocks. It also protects the chainrings from getting bent.

To install the bashguard it is usually necessary to remove the crank from the bike. There are 4 bolts that attach the chainrings to the crank. Using a chainring nut wrench and a hex key to remove the bolts.

Replace Road Bike Cartridge Brake Pads

hex wrench

Tools: hex wrench set.

First thing to do is remove the old pads. This will usually require a 1.5-2.5mm allen wrench. Remove the bolts and set them aside. New pads come with new bolts.

Once the bolts are out, slide the brake cartridge out of the brake cartridge holder. On both brakes it will slide out of the rear of the pad holder.

Don't Waste Your Money: Tips for Maintaining Your Bike

Whole Bike

These tips should be used after every ride and will help the increase the duration of your bike’s life.

First, grab hold of the tire and shake it side to side to check if there is any play in the wheel bearings. Then, move up to the saddle and shake it side to side and up and down to see if there is any play in the seat and the seat collar. The reason you want to do this is so you don’t come off after a ride and injure yourself.

Adjust Shimano Front Road Derailleurs

How to adjust Shimano road front derailleurs:

All front derailleurs have the same basic adjustments. You have a low limit screw, a high limit screw, and the cable anchor adjustment.

The first step is to adjust the position of the derailleur. Loosen the derailleur bolt and move the derailleur to between 1 and 3 mm off the top of the teeth to the bottom of the derailleur cage. Make the outer cage parallel with the big chainring.


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