The Bike Tube Presents: 2014 Holiday Cyclist Gift Guide

Everyone at The Bike Tube loves bike stuff. From parts, to tools, to accessories, we have your guide for great holiday gifts in every price range! 

We chose the gifts because they're useful, durable, and time-tested items that any cyclist would love to have. Enjoy: 

Tips for Removing Stripped Bolts

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Tips for Removing Stripped Bolts:

There are so many specialized tools for removing stripped bolts that the market for tools in this category is huge. However, most people would like to avoid buying a special tool.

If it is a stem faceplate bolt that is stripped, remove the other faceplate bolts to release tension off the one remaining stripped bolt. Without that tension, it shouldn’t be too hard to get that bolt out.

Review of Ass Saver Quick Install Rain Fender


Review of the Ass Savers:

The ass saver is a quick and easy fender to install for when it’s raining. It is made out of polypropylene, weighs 15g, and fits 80% of bike saddles.

A good thing about the ass saver is that it folds away and slides under your seat easily for when you don’t want to have the fender sticking out on the back of the bike.

Review: SRAM Force CX1 (1x11 group)

A quick look at SRAM's new Force CX1 1x11 group:

1x11 groups, with 1 chain ring in the front and an 11-speed cassette in the back have gained wide popularity in all styles of mountain biking. The secret is a rear derailleur with a super strong clutch system, delivering enough chain tension to make sure the chain won't slap and won't drop from the front ring even without a front derailleur.

SRAM has now taken the concept to cyclocross with CX1. With cyclocross' shifting demands, technical courses, and limited gear range needs, it is the ideal platform for 1x11.

Properly Tension the Chain on Fixed Gear or Single Speed Bicycle

How to tension the chain on a fixed gear or single speed bicycle:

Hang the drive chain on the seat stay, put the rear wheel into the frame as far forward/backward (depending on frame type) as possible, and transfer the chain onto the sprocket. Once the rear wheel is in the frame and the chain is running on the cog wheels, set yourself behind the bike with your head on the center line.

Review of SRAM Force 22 Group Set Components

Sram Force 22 Review:

Force is right below Sram’s top-end Red group set. Any Sram branded 22 is their 11-speed version. Currently they have Sram Red, Force, and Rival in 11-speed compatibility.

Performance: shifting compared to the old 10-speed force is a lot faster and way more crisp. The shift levers take less power and action to get it up or down the gears with the double tap levers. The ergonomics and shape of levers have changed as well. The levers are a little bit longer, so it will throw your hands out a little bit farther.


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