Overview of the Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetrical Wheelset


Today, an overview of the Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetrical Wheelset.

In the box comes a bag with two skewers, which are quick release (very premium quality). The feel is really nice quality. Attached to the skewer is a guide about using quick release. Also in the bag is a packet with instructions and a manual for setting up the wheel. There is also information on the warranty.

How to Bleed SRAM Hydraulic Disc Brakes

This video will show you how to properly bleed your SRAM Hydraulic disc brakes.

You will need the following tools and supplies: Avid Bleed Kit, T10 Torx Wrench, 2.5 mm Hex wrench, torque wrench. 2.5 mm hex bit socket, t10 torx bit socket, clean rags, and isopropyl alcohol.

How to Stop External Bottom Bracket Creaks and Remove Cranks

Taking off crank and eliminating creaks:

This video will deal with external bottom bracket styles. You will need a chain breaker, bottom bracket puller, 8mm allen, 4-5-6 mm allen, a chainring bolt tool, grease, and an extra 5 mm allen.

One of the first steps is to just get your chain off. This makes it easier to get your crank off.

Installing Spokes on a SRAM XO HUB

This video will show you a method for loading spokes on to SRAM XO hubs when you are building wheels.

XO hubs have a unique flange shaped design, which yields a much stronger and robust wheel set in the end. This design requires a slightly different approach when loading spokes into the hubs for wheel building.

Load your first spoke on the drive side flange. If you like to build your wheels with the XO logo aligned and centered with the valve hole on the rim for 32 hole hubs, insert your first spoke just to the left of the SRAM logo on the hub shelf.

Installing and Adjusting Sram Red DoubleTap Shifters

This video will show you how to install and adjust Sram DoubleTap Shifters.

You will need the following tools and supplies: a 2.5 & 5 mm hex wrenches, a torque wrench, a pair of cable cutters, low friction shifter housing, 4 mm ferrules, 5 mm brake housing, and 5 mm ferrules.

To install, slide the doubletap shifter onto the handle bar. Pull the hood cover forward to expose the clamp bolt. Hold the shift lever in the desired position and tighten the clamp bolt with the 4 mm hex.

Fulcrum Racing Zero Clincher Road Bicycle Wheelset Review

Fulcrum wheels have been used to win championships all over the world, and Fulcrum has been working with the top racing teams to make their wheels lighter, stiffer, faster, and smoother.

The spokes on have changed from older Fulcrum wheels; there;s no more propeller like flare at the end, which makes the wheels more aero and a little lighter.

Review of Mavic Ksyrium SLS Road Bike Wheelset


The Mavic Ksyrium SL S Clincher Wheel System is Mavic's popular and road-tested Ksyrium SL wheel, updated and improved, with Mavic's unique integrated tire and rim technology. By matching a specific tire with each wheel, the company is able to better control the way that stresses from the tire affect the rim and wheel and thus how the wheel performs overall. And, bonus, your wheelset will look extra awesome with matching wheel and tire graphics. Of course, you can also use any other road clincher tire with these wheels, if you prefer. Let's take a look from the outside-in:


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