Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evo Tire


A great cross-country tire must be fast, supple, grippy, and lightweight. It must roll exceptionally well but brake effectively when required. The Schwalbe Racing Ralph EVO tire possesses all these qualities making it a favorite tire of trail and XC riders alike for it's fast rolling tread and great cornering.

Clipping In and Out of Pedals with Bike Shoes


Clipping in and out of clipless pedals:

When clipping into the pedal, you are pushing the cleat into the pedal body and allowing the back of the cleat (the spring) to snap over the rear of the cleat. Begin by flipping the pedal over with your toe, and in one movement push forward and down with your foot into the pedal. You’ll feel the spring at the rear of the pedals snap over the cleat.

Review: Lezyne Femto Drive Lights

Femto indicates smallness. Extreme smallness. Like, the size of a proton small. While the Lezyne Femto Drive light isn't quite that tiny, it is very unobtrusive. And, it's made to last. CNC-machined from a chunk of solid aluminum with a composite-matrix rear cap that doubles as a mount, the Femto Drive will take abuse and is very user-friendly.


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