Common Bottom Bracket Standards

Pros and Cons of Different Bottom Bracket Standards:

Let’s look at the challenges that the english bottom bracket faced, since it is this design most new bottom brackets hope to improve upon. It was not uncommon to have to chase threads of an english bottom bracket shell and then face the shell to remove any excess paint, to ensure that the faces were square.

Manually Clean A Mountain Bike Cassette


To improve the performance and life span of a cassette it is important to clean it manually. After removing the cassette from the hub, flip it over, and remove the screw holding the stack together. It is often labeled with a small letter. Using a hex key, loosen counter clockwise and remove the screw. Now the largest sprocket can be removed. In between each sprocket is a plastic spacer. Carefully disassemble all the sprockets and spacers.

Find Correct Saddle Position

hex wrench

Saddle position is very important. Having it in the right position will reduce fatigue, soreness, and reduce the chance of injury on your ride.

Saddle position comes down to three different adjustments: angle, height, and for/aft positioning.

Adjusting the saddle angle is simple. You will need an allen key to undo the one or two bolt design. Adjust the saddle so it is as close to flat as possible.


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