These thoughtfully designed P-handled hex wrenches fit the task at hand, as well as they fit in your hand. The long shaft of each wrench is fitted with a Bondhus Balldriver for those hard to reach bolt heads. The short end of the wrench is neatly chamfered and extends from the handle for use when fully tightening bolts in high torque applications. Shaft lengths are optimally selected to minimize the wind-up and flex experienced with longer wrenches. The hex wrenches are made from Bondhus Protanium™ high torque industrial steel for long life.

Category: Anvils Product #: 925872 ACME

Ergonomic, high leverage 3-way wrench design. Heat-treated, Bondhus Protanium high torque steel. Color coded vinyl hex covers for easy identification. Chamfered tips for a precision fit. Hang-card packaging. PK-4238: Bondhus balldriver tip for up to 25 degree angled use.

Category: Anvils Product #: 925872 ACME

Best Top of the Line Bike Wheelsets


Riders will often consider new wheels when it comes time to spending some serious cash. Here are 5 wheelsets beloved by both pros and ambitious amateurs:

5- For a true, all-around wheelset, look no further than the Zipp 303. Zipp's air-flow enhancing, golf ball dimple texturing, and wide profile firecrest design keep the aero dynamic obsessives happy.

Best Cheap Mountain Bike Disc Brakes

Mountain bike brakes are extremely expensive, commonly costing 300+ for a full set of rotors, levers and calipers. But, you don't have to break the bank to get an amazing set of brakes.

The Magura MT2 and MT4 brakes are amazing brakes for your money. Specialized also just specced the brand new Magura MTS brakes that have a MT4 handle with the MT6 calipers. Another budget friendly mountain bike brake is the Shimano SLX. They are lightweight, amazingly durable and incredibly consistent.

Choosing the Ideal Mountain Bike Handlebars

A guide to picking the ideal MTB handlebar:

The first thing to make sure of when picking out the perfect bar is that you have a compatible stem and bar clamp zone. The old standard is 25.4 mm. The new oversized is 31.8 mm, which is quickly becoming the new standard.

The next thing you want to check out is the material on your bar. There is carbon, steel, aluminum, and lots of different choices for your bars.

Emergency Bike Spoke Replacement with FiberFix Kit


The FiberFix is a kevlar chord used to fix a broken spoke in an emergency situation. Breaking a spoke is a rare occurrence, but it can happen while you are out on the road, so it would be a good idea to carry one of these emergency fix kits especially if you are going on a longer ride or a tour. The kit includes a spoke wrench, kevlar spoke itself with a little cam adjustment on top, and a spare spoke nipple.

DIY How to Quickly Repair Rapid Fire Trigger Bike Shifters


If you’re rapid fire trigger shifter is having trouble catching or shifting properly, there is an easy way to get the shifter working properly again.

There first thing to do is rotate the brake lever, which involves loosening the clamp holding the shifter to the handlebars. This will give you better access to areas of the shifter.

How to Adjust a Shimano Nexus Internal 3 Speed Hub


Today, we’re going to work on internal multi speed hubs. This is the Shimano shifter. It is the Nexus model, which is written on the body. Another way to tell that this is Shimano is that the cable chord goes straight into the adjustment knob, which goes straight into the body of the shifter.

Now, the first thing you want to do is go up to the shifter on the handlebar and put it into second gear, the middle gear. You need two tools: an open end 10 mm wrench and you may also need a pair of pliers.


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