How to Rotafix (tighten/loosen) a Fixed Gear Cog without Chain Whip

How to Rotafix:

Rotafix is a technique for tightening or loosening a cog without a chain whip.

Why Roafix? Because standard chain whips do not fit 1/8” cogs, and you get the mechanical advantage of the entire wheel for tightening.

When performing a rotafix, wrap a rag around the bottom bracket shell to protect the paint on your frame from being damaged by the chain.

Steps for Removing an Adjustable Bottom Bracket

Remove an adjustable bottom bracket:

start by first removing the cranks. A lockring on the outside of the left hand side cup is an indication that the cup and cone bottom bracket is serviceable. Turn this counter clockwise to unlock the cup. This is easiest with a lockring spanner that fits the notches on the ring exactly. You can also use a universal tool with one tooth or tap it around with a hammer and an old screwdriver. Remove the lockring.

How to Put Decals on a Bike Frame


How to apply decals only your bike:

For this you will need the decals, wax and grease remover, rag, and painter’s tape to prevent you from damaging the paint on your bike or ripping any off.

It is important to take your time with this. Since you are doing it yourself, take your time making sure the decals are aligned properly on the bike. Start by prepping your surface. Spray down the area where you will be applying the decal first with the grease remover and wipe it down with a clean rag or towel. Using a microfiber rag is ideal because it doesn’t leave any lint behind.

DIY How to Make a Bike Seat Lock

chain tool

This is a DIY video on how to make a saddle chain lock.

This will help prevent anyone from taking your seat when your bike is locked up, and it is easy to make with a couple of spare parts.

All you need is an old chain, a popped tube, electrical tape, and a chain tool.

First thing you want to do is set your saddle height properly. Next, take your spare chain and run it through your saddle rails and the seat stay of your frame.

Top 5 Road Bike Accessories

Whole Bike

5 of the most innovative road bike accessories to come out in the next year:

1. Garmin Vector S: the Garmin vector system are pedals that capture data. The vector S is a cheaper version of the vector system and only captures data from one pedal. Owners however will be able to upgrade to the left/right system eventually.

How to Find Gear Ratio on a Fixed Gear Bike

How to guide on gear ratios:

The chain ring is the name for the ring the chain sits on in the front of the drivetrain or by the pedals. Every chainring has teeth on it, though the number of teeth on a given chain ring changes.

On the back of the drivetrain where the chain sits by the wheel, you have what is called a rear cog or sprocket. These will also have teeth on them.


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