Electric Bike Conversion Kit / Li-ion 20.8 Ah Included 24V 250W

Image of Electric Bike Conversion Kit / Li-ion 20.8 Ah Included 24V 250W
Category: Bicycle parts
Leed e-bike kit
Go the extra distance with the Ultra 250 Series e-bike conversion kit powered by Samsung lithium cells. With its incredible range of 40 miles, this conversion kit will have you going stronger and longer. The LEED Ultra takes your biking to a whole new level and for a little less cheddar than the Ultra+. Convert your favorite bike into an environmentally friendly fast ride. Face the steepest hills without hesitation, pull the kiddos with ease, commute in all weather to work, or simply ditch the car and make your newly powered bike your number one mode of transportation. Installation takes five minutes and with no permanent alterations necessary. The electric bike conversion kit is perfect for any cyclist, whether you're looking for speed and endurance or simply getting around, with control at your fingertips to switch from manual to full battery powered smooth riding, you can feel safe and ready for anything. This is the kit of the future for getting around fast and easy. The LEED Ultra+ electric bike conversion kit includes: 250 Watt (250 Series) 8Fun Planetary Motor Hub 2-Year Worry Free Warranty Complete Wheel Set (Ready to Ride Laced and Trued on Arrival) 20800mAh Samsung 24 Volt Lithium Battery Pack (Includes PCB, BMS and Controller) Lithium Battery Charger (USA/International 110-240v) Battery-Motor-Throttle Cable System Weatherproof Battery Bag Pressure Grip Throttle Cabling Zip Ties. Returns accepted within 30 days of receipt minus 15% restock fee. Tires and computers may be purchased on our website.