Michelin Krylion Carbon Road Tire

Category: Bicycle parts
The Michelin Krylion Carbon road tire is an extremely durable clincher, yet retains a superb ride quality. The key to its durability is its thicker center tread. It's reinforced with carbon, which gives you 30% more tread life, so it's not unusual to get thousands of miles on these great all-around tires. Ideal for racing or long-distance training, these tires also deliver a superb grip in wet or dry conditions and are highly resistant to cuts and punctures. They feel sublime, as well, out on the road due to the 127 TPI casing which creates an extra supple ride. Low Rolling Resistance Excellent cornering in wet or dry Smooth slick High mileage Weight: 245g ESC extra supple casing reinforced with bead to bead puncture protector Size: 700X23