Cane Creek DB Air Shock CS 7.87 x 2.25 (200/57)

Image of Cane Creek DB Air Shock CS 7.87 x 2.25 (200/57)
Category: Bicycle parts
Cane Creek

Item Description

  • Built on the Double Barrel legacy to become the first air-sprung rear shock featuring Twin Tube technology and 4-way independent adjustability combined with an unrivaled level of quality
  • Enables custom, rider-tuned damping performance, optimizing every bike for every rider
  • Two high-speed valves: one controls big hit compression and the other controls high speed rebound
  • Two low-speed valves: one valve modulates small bump sensitivity and pedal platform and the other controls rebound
  • Norglide DU bushings provide an ultra low friction interface between the bike and the shock mounts to increase sensitivity and durability
  • Every Double Barrel shock is hand-built in the Cane Creek factory and dyno checked to ensure the highest level of performance and quality
  • CS: ClimbSwitch is the most innovative climbing feature available and provides climbing-specific damping in both compression and rebound, keeping suspension fully active while you climb for better connection to the trail and increased efficiency without annoying pedal-bob
  • XV model: Includes the High Volume air can for additional tuning of bikes with significantly progressive and/or highly variable leverage ratios (XV can also availble separately)
  • NOTE: shock is damper only, does not include spring or mounting hardware. Must be purchased separately.
  • -509g (varies by length)

Item Specifications

  • model: Air CS
  • stroke: 2.25" (57mm)
  • eye-eye: 7.875" (200mm)
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