Campagnolo Super Record EPS 11 Speed Double Front Derailleur - Braze-On, Carbon

Image of Campagnolo Super Record 11 EPS Front Derailleur
Category: Bicycle parts
The world has come to expect nothing but the best from Campagnolo, so it should come as no surprise that the innovative Electronic Power Shift system is nothing if not astounding. The Super Record 11 EPS Front Derailleur is a celebration of harmony between alluring Italian design and the most innovative front derailleur that Campagnolo has ever created. After twenty years of research, development, and testing, the wait is over, the word is out, and the face of the game is forever changed. Campagnolo EPS is here.The Super Record 11 EPS Front Derailleur is a technological marvel. Like the Super Record 11 EPS Rear Derailleur, it operates off of an electronic actuator comprised of a gear motor and an electronic sensor. Where it differs is in the details. The gear motor for the front derailleur's electronic actuator has been developed with a Swiss company that manufactures electric motors for space missions to Mars. Really. It operates with a high over-torque transmission resulting in a high gear ratio for precise strong pulls. The electronic sensor utilizes Magnetic Hall Sensor Resolver technology that both physically and digitally isolates the electronic sensor from terrain vibration, guaranteeing a constantly precise functionality for the derailleur's positioning and shift. Campagnolo has spent a great deal of time on the Super Record 11 EPS front derailleur to guarantee precision by eliminating terrain vibration and maximizing rigidity. The frame-derailleur fixing system is comprised of an aluminum polymer blend, and has been co-molded with the derailleur body. The external derailleur rod, which works in conjunction with the electronic actuator, is held by a hollow hub and double wing with a double-finned pin passing fully through to achieve maximum stiffness. Additionally, the electronic actuator is housed in a cascade gearbox that minimizes vibration and allows movement to be transferred precisely.