Campagnolo EPS Record Derailleur - Braze-On

Image of Campagnolo Record 11 EPS v1 Front Derailleur One Color, Braze-on
Category: Bicycle parts
* Interacts with the crankset to enhance shifting with elevated derailleur speed and precision, coupled with XPSS chainring technology for unparalleled shifting performance * Optimal rigidity between the mechanical and electronic components is guaranteed via a combination of aluminum and polymer, plus a double-finned pin that holds the outer rod in place * Magnetic Hall Sensor technology developed in partnership with a Swiss company that produces motors for Mars rovers is unaffected by vibration and automatically adjusts derailleur trim * Because regulation is fully electronic, there are no limit screws to adjust - Automatic Position Correction has four trim settings * Can be adjusted in a Zero setting or while riding * Completely waterproof - tested for a half-hour immersion in 1 meter of water * Extra stroke allows upshifts while climbing or in extreme crossover situations and is automatically selected by the derailleur's