Weanas® Anti-Flat Bicycle Tire Liner (Yellow(700X32-35C; 1-1/4; 1-3/8))

Image of Weanas Anti-Flat Bicycle Tire Liner (Yellow(700X32-35C; 1-1/4; 1-3/8))
Category: Bicycle parts
Weanas tire liner can provide a protective layer between road hazards and the inner tube. Thorns or glass that may penetrate the tire are blocked from the inner tube.

Material: Polyurethane
Length: 7.2ft / Roll
Width: Red (1.06 inch); Yellow(1.18 inch); Green(1.34 inch); Orange(1.5 inch)
Weight:Red (60 g / Roll); Yellow(65 g / Roll); Green(75 g / Roll); Orange(100 g / Roll)

How to install:
1. Expand the tire liner around tire, leave 2 cm spaces and cut off the excess.
2. Remove the tire, let the tube down, and put the liner between tire and tube.
3. Blow up the tire properly, make the liner can be clamped by tube and tire, and adjust the place of the liner.
4. Install the tire, and blow up the tire fully.