Bicycle Bike Cycling Front Tube Bag 2 in 1 Black Flap Bag (Blue)

Image of Bicycle Bike Cycling Front Tube Bag 2 in 1 Black Flap Bag (Blue)
Category: Bicycle parts

This two in one bicycle bag is a great way to carry valuables and necessities on your bike. It features a stylish, compact design, two saddle bag style pockets, and a convenient cell phone pocket on top. Made with lightweight and durable materials, it is water resistant for use in any weather. It easily attaches to your bike's head tube with adjustable Velcro closures and features easy close Velcro flaps. The simple two pocket design makes it easier to carry and access your important items. Perfect for your bike ride to work or school, long exercise excursions, and riding around town, this two in one bicycle bag is the perfect carry all for your bike.

This Two in One Bicycle Bag Features:

• Two saddlebag style compartments

• Convenient cell phone pocket on top of bag

• Velcro close flaps for easy pocket access

• Adjustable Velcro closures for easy attachment

• Water resistant mesh and polyester materials

• Reflective stripes for added visibility

• Foam inner lining absorbs shock

• Store valuables while your ride

• Bring your phone, towel, and water bottle when you ride

• Helps you work out longer with fewer stops

• Fits most bicycles easily

Convenient Carry All Bag

There are many benefits to riding a bike. Whether you're riding for exercise, transportation, or simply for fun, you are limited in what you can carry. Backpacks are bulky and uncomfortable, and can put strain on the shoulders. A compartmentalized, front bag is much more convenient. The adjustable attachment straps, dual compartments, and Velcro close flaps make this two in one bicycle bag a clear winner. Use it to hold your valuables and necessities while you ride. Ride longer and farther, have more fun and get more exercise when you use this convenient carry all two in one bicycle bag.