FOX Racing Shox 36 TALAS 27.5 160 RC2 FIT Fork - 2015 Black, 1.5T/20mm

Image of FOX Racing Shox 36 TALAS 27.5 160 RC2 FIT Fork - 2015 Black, 1.5T/20mm
Category: Bicycle parts
Fox Racing
FOX has had some very stiff competition recently in the suspension world (no pun intended). Not happy to concede its well-earned market share, the company has completely revamped its heavy-duty 36mm-stanchion lineup for 2015, and the 2015 FOX 36 TALAS 27. 5 160 RC2 FIT Fork is a great example of its efforts. The 36's chassis was the first area of scrutiny. The crown has been redesigned to be both lighter and lower, resulting in a shorter axle-to-crown measurements across the board, so that installing the fork means minimal -- if any -- alteration of the bike's front-end geometry, unlike when installing some other forks, including FOX's previous 36 series. The fork's lowers have been re-engineered to be lighter and stiffer, as well, resulting a chassis with greater rigidity, but weight figures that are very close to that of its smaller 34 series of forks. A newly formulated, higher-viscosity proprietary fork oil is now used, too. Both the adjustable TALAS and the non-adjustable FLOAT air spring systems have also been revised. A reduced number of seals means that both operate more smoothly, but that's not all. TALAS springs have been retuned to ramp-up more toward full compression, making them more stable under big hits and extreme terrain, and thus friendly to more aggressive riders. The FLOAT forks now include volume-reducing spacers so that riders can fine-tune the system's ramp-up rate. The letters FIT designate that the fork is equipped with FOX Isolated Technology damper, which means that the fork's damper sits in an air-tight bladder, as opposed to a more common open bath system, which means that the damper resists debris contamination and thus remains smoother and more consistent between maintenance intervals. TALAS, of course, is an acronym that denotes FOX's Travel Adjustable Linear Air Spring system, which means the fork's travel is adjustable per riding conditions. In the case of the 160mm fork you see here, travel can be reduced down to 120mm, lowerin...