Williams Cycling Wheel System 85 Clincher, 700cm

Image of Williams Cycling Wheel System 85 Clincher, 700cm
Category: Bicycle parts
Williams Cycling
The Williams 85 carbon clinchers are designed for one thing: speed. Whether you're rolling off the front of a road race, screaming towards T2, or digging deep for every last second in a time trial these wheels will deliver the performance you need to win. The full carbon clincher rim with its 85mm profile is our deepest and most aerodynamic rim. It's also one of our stiffest. So even though the 85s are built with a 16/20 spoke count for aerodynamics they're still so stiff that pedaling energy sends you rocketing up the road instead of being lost to wheel flex. Plus, every set of 85s comes standard with our hybrid ceramic bearings. All of these features combine to make the 85s some of the fastest wheels on the market and the obvious choice for anyone looking for the maximum aerodynamic advantage. If you're racing against he clock and every second counts, look no further than the 85 carbon clinchers. 225 pound rider weight limit. Wheel set comes with: Front wheel Rear wheel Quick release skewers Williams Carbon Pads Valve Extenders Rim Tape.