Superbicycle Black New Bike Inner Tube 26x1.9/2.125 Av

Image of Bike Inner Tube 26x1.9/2.125 Av- Black
Category: Bicycle parts
This high-quality butyl rubber inner tubes. Customers who buy the tube, first do not worry loading, in order to ensure the quality of tube use, please do check the cleanup work. The first step, the first inflatable tube, and then into the basin filled with water check for leaks. Second, clean up tire, the tire must be carefully cleaned inside and then loaded inner tube, tire inner residual gravel to avoid sharp objects such as punctured inner tube. The third step, after the new tube bullied uneven atmosphere is a normal phenomenon, it is because the gas nozzle at the point of the rubber is thick, and the remaining parts of the slightly thin point, a tube can not be exactly the same thickness, by the same pressure, swelling size will be different, this is not a quality problem, after the crash, you can force the tire down uniformly. Fourth, make the user with the correct way to install, otherwise there might be a puncture or leak. Tube Size:26x1.9/2.125 AvGas nozzle length:32mm(standard) Tire wall thickness:0.87mm