(4600) Tiagra 10 Spd Front Hub

Image of (4600) Tiagra 10 Spd Front Hub
Category: Bicycle parts
The ultimate in reliable lightweight hubs from the ultimate Shimano MTB groupset, XTR Disc hubs are engineered to perform in the most demanding conditions Titanium freehub body with quick pawl engagement (10 degrees) provides perfect traction and instant power transfer Ball bearing races are ground with Cubic Boron Nitride tool for high precision, durability and smooth rolling Wide bearing placement gives excellent lateral rigidity further improving strength and durability Forged then anodized alloy hub shell for maximum strength and long lasting good looks The hub uses angular contact bearings designed to cradle the balls giving both radial and lateral support for superior strength and durability in real world riding conditions; they also offer precision bearing adjustment and easy maintenance Easy to use Centre-Lock Disc Rotor mount for secure hassle free setup Weight is kept down by using a titanium Freehub body and hybrid one piece aluminium axle / cone Double contact seals with internal grease sleeve to keep the elements out and the grease in For 135 mm Q/R fitment (Includes Quick Release) Can be used with 8 and 9 and 10-speed cassette sprockets Average weight 261 grams