Avid cut their teeth in the mountains of Colorado and have been slinging high-quality mountain bike components since 1991. Here's a few game-changers they have every right to be proud of:

  • Microdapter - A gift to mountain bikers that allows for a whole new range of low gears
  • Speed Dial - Changing brake cable tension with the twist of the wrist
  • Ball Bearing Disc Brakes - Simplicity in a cable-actuated disc brake with acclaimed stopping power


They make lightweight, durable components that are easy to install. In 2004 Avid moved in with SRAM, headquartered in Chicago. Product development still takes place in Colorado Springs at altitudes 6,000ft and above.

1333 N. Kingsbury, 4th Floor
Chicago , IL
United States
41° 54' 21.3192" N, 87° 38' 58.8192" W
Illinois US