HED Cycling is a road bike wheelset production company founded in 1984. They also manufacture a short list of bars, stems, and accessories. Dissatisfied with many other wheelset shortcomings, HED went on their own adventures to find solutions:

  • Slightly wider rim edges allow for total support of the wider 23mm tires that have become the cycling standard leading to more support, better cornering performance, etc.
  • Acclaimed Stability Control Technology that remains top-secret
  • Hubs built for 20 (front) and 28 (rear) to further increase wheel stability
  • Carbon fiber utilization in their wheelsets 


"In some cases this means that our wheels weigh a bit more than our competitors' wheels. Nonetheless, the small amount of extra weight in our wheels is there to ensure that we hit our parameters for lateral stiffness, drive train efficiency, durability, and fatigue resistance. When weight adds stiffness, for example, you expend less watts pedaling. When you compare this watt efficiency to the savings you achieve from reducing the weight of a flexible wheel, you find that a little weight and stiffness wins out by a lot. Know that when you ride a Hed wheel, every gram is there for a reason."

4643 Chatsworth Street N.
Shoreview , MN
United States
45° 4' 54.3" N, 93° 8' 30.048" W
Minnesota US