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Love this commuter build of a Pinarello Treviso from 1984. Pinarello is an Italian company. Looks brand new, and I bet it's an awesome ride.

Love this glimpse into what a loaded up bike might have looked like way back in the day. I don't know if they're touring or just commuting, but it's cool to see that aspects of the cultures haven't changed much at all over time. ... Read More

Is this a recipe for disaster?

One of these days I'm thinking about getting a dog, which has had me thinking about how to transport that dog around further than walking distance. These dog leashes that... Read More

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If nothing else, this photo shows that bikes are better than tanks or armored trucks. They've got pretty nice bikes actually, and I love that they're wearing bike shoes. 

Bike babe of the week goes to this girl, who shows that you got to ride to the end no matter what. 

We all need a little help on race day. This is why you can't complain when your parents come to every competition of yours. 

Most people who do work on their bike themselves have come across a place like this. The garage is stacked high with every bike part imaginable. You know what your looking for is in there, you just don't know if it will take 1 hour or 1... Read More

Love this picture of racing in the snow. The rider is dressed the same as he would be for a race on the sunniest day of summer. It's everyone else that is having trouble with the conditions. 

Bike of the week goes to this old Raleigh from the 70s. Steel frame, sturmey archer 3 speed internal hub, brooks saddle. This bike has definitely stood the test of time. And prob still rides better than half of the stuff on the road.... Read More

Some days you don't have time for a long ride, but you still feel the need to get on your bike. Other days you're out for a leisurely cruise, but you still need to put a little work on. No days off. 

First off, I love this bike. It looks real comfortable and is super stylish- a perfect city bike. Second, I love the outfit and its juxtaposition with the bike. It's cool to see someone commuting on this bike to, what I imagine, is work... Read More

Many people look down on skateboarders. Many people also hate bikers, in the city at least. So therefore, many people must really hate biking skateboarders. However, I'm all about it. Mostly because watching someone ride a bike to go... Read More

words can't say it any better

This is a great photo from cyclocross nationals in Austin, Texas. It exemplifies the day & mindset perfectly. Leave the mud on your face like a tattoo. You earned it.

I chose this girl purely for the badass look of determination she has to whoop the ass of whoever is across from her. Each time I look at the picture, I get a little closer to pissing my pants in fear. 

Horse Cycles

Horse Cycles is a small shop in Brooklyn that builds all their bikes by hand. They're all real pretty. While a lot of their projects are custom bikes, they have a few that pre-designed options, one... Read More

Sometimes you can't make it all the miles to the next store. It's hot, you're tired, and the nutrients are on the road right in front of you. 

Track Stand with No Hands

She's pulling off the track stand with no hands on the fixie. Now that's a bike babe!

Love this photo. It captures the moment I describe as the 'turn around point on a ride.' When I set off on my bike, I usually just keep riding until I find some beautiful spot that forces me to get off of my bike and take in the view. If... Read More

Cool Bike

Something I enjoy even more than seeing new bikes and gear is seeing the set-up people ride on daily. A lot of the time these are more personalized and unique. I like the vintage road bike this... Read More

"It's he who works when no one else around that succeeds when everyone is around"

Sweet Old Huffy Tandem in Red

Ahhhhhhhhhh, how nice to imagine riding on a tandem through the warm breeze with someone you love on the back seat. I had to give bike of the week to this old vintage tandem bike... Read More

Over a year ago, we made a blog post about two new electric bike wheels being produced that bore a striking resemblance to each other: The Copenhagen Wheel and the FlyKly Smart Wheel.  

While we often see products being released... Read More

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Check out this awesome video by Grit media documenting the scraper bike seen in Oakland. This is bike customization at it's most awesome and unique.

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Does she love the bike, the rider, or both?

This is an awesome picture of, what I like to call, "bike love exemplified." There's a lot of commitment being shown in this photo from both of the subjects. I guess... Read More

Surly Long Haul Trucker

Got to give a shout out to Surly once again. This is there long haul trucker, one of the more well-known Surly bikes. The bike was designed with touring in mind, but is adaptable to just... Read More