Bike of the Week: Old Huffy Tandem

Sweet Old Huffy Tandem in Red

Ahhhhhhhhhh, how nice to imagine riding on a tandem through the warm breeze with someone you love on the back seat. I had to give bike of the week to this old vintage tandem bike made by Huffy. Not only is it a beautiful bike with a sweet color, but the set up is awesome too. From the shiny metal fenders to the red bike grips and red & white seats, this bike kills it. I also love the 5 point stars on the chain rings. 

This bike causes nostalgia for me as well. While I was in college in Vermont, my roommates and I bought a similar old Huffy tandem from our neighbors across the street for 75$. We would blast around town on it, and it was incredibly comfortable. I saw this same bike for sale last weekend in San Francisco for 595$ the price range varies quite a bit.

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