5 Awesome Casual Bike Clothing Options for Biking to Work

The casual Bike apparel market exploded in recent years in direct correlation with the increase in hipster disposable income. Below is the top 5 functional bike fashions for biking to work and biking to get drunk at the bar. Walk your bike home!

Levi's Commuter Jeans

Levis Commuter

Levis Commuter 511 Slim Fit (Look at DAT ASS!)


I own these bad boys and they are probably the best fitting pair of jeans I've had, bike related or otherwise.  Probably because Levis knew about my perfectly sculpted quads, and decided to model the fit after me.  Be warned, if you actually do bike and are not some skinny hipster these will be snug, like almost jeggings.

A few highlights:

  • A bit of spandex so you can actually move in them
  • Reinforced Taint Area (RTA)
  • Fabric is treated with some kind of 3M water repellant bullshit that works until you wash them a few times

Beta Brand Reflective Plaid Button-Down

Beta Brand Reflective Button Down


Beta Brand is a San Francisco clothing company started by a bunch of yuppies with too much time on their hands. They make some cool clothing and some super obnoxious clothing like these.  Their collection of Bike to Work items is pretty great though.

Pedaled Gufo Jacket

Pedaled Gufo Jacket


Pedaled is a Japanese bike clothing company that makes some cool, although almost comically overpriced items. The Gufo Jacket will only set you back 150 euro.  But it looks pretty bad ass and their stuff is high quality. The Gufo Jacket is a packable, lightweight cycling windbreaker with a unique double zip for a regular or snug fit, flexible for sport or casual use. Featuring a longer cut back, with a large rear pocket and reflective trim for safety, once packed into its integrated bag, the jacket fits easilyinto a back jersey pocket.

Chrome Industries Folsom Shorts

Chrome Industries Folsom Bike Shorts


Chrome is known for their bags, but recently branched out into other apparel like shoes and clothing.  They are also headquartered in San Francisco, since that is where all the rich ass hipsters are.  These Folsom shorts are cut a little above the knee, which is how I like them.  Gotta show a little skin.  They're stretchy and have a reinforced crotch to keep your boner in check, or maybe it's for wear and tear from the bike seat?

Rapha City Rain Jacket

Rapha City Rain Jacket

Rapha City Rain Jacket (Douche not Included)

$350 (Holy shit!)

Ok, say what you want about Rapha, like their stuff is hilariously overpriced, it's usually worn by people more on the pretentious side of things, but their shit is quality!  Just look at that Italian styling and craftsmanship. I mean damn, this jacket's rear vents have been repositioned to improve range of movement across the back of the shoulders! (Direct quote from their site)  Don't you hate it when vents impinge your movement!